Dreadlabs is hosting another contest!

This time it’s a duo contest. That means that you have to join forces with someone else in the community to join the contest. In this contest you and your partner have 2.5 weeks to come up with an audiovisual work together. 

The idea behind this contest is to meet more people from the Dreadlabs community. Musical artists can pair up with visual artists to create something from the Dreadlabs storyworld. 

What do you need to make?

The idea is to make something that fits in the Dreadlabs storyworld. You can read all about the Dreadlabs storyworld here to get inspired.

There are no restrictions as to what you will be making, as long as it ties in with the Dreadlabs Storyworld. You’re allowed to write about how it ties in with the Storyworld in the caption of your post. For example, you can do an animation for an event in the Citadels, a character design for a monster with background music, a soundscape of what the Contra wastelands might sound like with accompanying visuals, get creative!

The prize

Of course I’m giving away prizes to the winners once again. Winners of the contest will receive the Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2, containing over 100€ worth of assets as well as 3 Sample / Preset Packs by Dreadlabs (one unreleased!). The runner up will get a €25 Gift Card in the Dreadlabs Store. The third place will receive a €10 gift card in the Dreadlabs Store.

Both the visual designer and the musical artist competing will receive a copy of the prize. So if you both win the second prize, you’ll get a €25 gift card each. 

How to find a partner

The Dreadlabs Discord server will provide a separate channel where you can meet up with fellow creators looking to enter the contest. You can find a link to the Dreadlabs discord here.


  • Your entry has to be a collaboration between 2 people.

  • The entry has to be an audiovisual work. That means that it is supposed to be a combination of music and visuals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an animation, but also not a piece of music. So you’re allowed to create a song accompanied by an artwork, or an animation accompanied with a soundscape. 

  • If you want to do a DJ mix playing other peoples music that’s okay, as long as it is actually a DJ mix. So if you’re just using someone else’s song as background music to your animation, you will be disqualified. 

  • Your entry must be submitted on Instagram with the hashtag #dreadlabsduocontest before July 31st 2022. If your file is too large or too intricate for an Instagram post, you can also send in your submission to . However please make sure that I can access all the files without the need to download them. WeTransfers that expire or large files on Google Drive won’t be able to compete.