What is creatober?

Creatober is a 31-day challenge I host during the month of October. For every day this month, you’ll get a word. With this word you have to create something. It can be a poster, 3d art, illustration, song, anything! 

If you join the challenge you’ll get the chance to win Dreadlabs prizes!

Don’t have time to join for 31 days? That’s completely fine! You can always join in later, or skip some days. Another option is to combine multiple words and make larger projects over the course of multiple days. For example, you can design a Lamborghini Tattoo in the first 3 days. 

The point of this challenge is to have fun and spark creativity, not to induce stress. So if you feel overwhelmed with the challenge, don’t feel forced to keep joining in, and do things at your own pace!

Creatober 2022 prompt list

01. Tattoo
02. Ancient
03. Lamborghini
04. Plant
05. Oni
06. Bubbles
07. Concrete
08. Hurricane
09. Vampire
10. Tower
11. Mushrooms
12. Katana
13. Clouds
14. Map
15. Explosion
16. Pirate

17. Mindfuck
18. Mothership
19. Cyborg
20. Pyramid
21. Smiley
22. River
23. Dinosaur
24. Chemistry
25. Orca
26. Citadel
27. Snack
28. Eye
29. Liquid
30. Flail
31. Angel

How to join in on the fun?

To join in on the fun, post your artworks to instagram and twitter using #creatober and #dreadlabscreatober. You can also join our discord community and share your artworks there!