Lookbook for the liquid capsule collection. The “Energy” capsule collection is a small drop of 3 different t-shirts. This is the first ever clothing drop by Dreadlabs.  To prevent overstock and keep sustainability in mind, t-shirts
will only be printed once an order comes in. All of the artworks are inspired by early 2000’s retrofuturism; A movement which derived from an era to which I am personally nostalgic towards. It reflects on the late 90’s / early 2000’s pop cultural zeitgeist such as Anime and trading cards. Retrofuturism combines this with a futuristic approach on graphic design. 

photography: NORI XHOFLEER
Model: SIDNEY OKUNDia-agho
art direction / graphic design: TOM VAN DEN ENDERT
editorial design: TOM VAN DEN ENDERT
Special thanks to: 
GABI HOEFNAGEL & Dick hoefnagel

Liquid Capsule Collection Lookbook
Liquid Capsule Collection Lookbook