The main characters and the leader of the group. When his sister Sofia dies, his whole world falls apart and he is forever changed. He is a definitive and stubborn man but he has a clear vision and will do anything to help his comrades and do what he thinks is right. He will fight to free society from the deception they are subjected to by the elites, even if his family is part of the government.


She has always lived with her family in a poor neighbourhood, but through hard work got her degree in molecular biology. When the government decided to tear down the area she lives in she realised that she could not stay at home without putting up a fight. Her weakness? her Family.


He used to be a neuroscientist but when Sofia, his girlfriend and Frank’s sister died, he went into a deep depression which cost him his job. He is a shy but determined guy and he will do everything in his power to fight alongside Dreadlabs to achieve his goal: to defeat the government.


A 60-year-old man who used to live with his wife and daughter. His wife died when Emma, his daughter, was 11 years old. He used to teach mathematics at university but has always felt that he had the potential for more. Together with Dreadlabs, he will do his best to keep fighting and expose the government.