Meet other creatives

Dreadlabs is a creative community that focuses on graphic design, art, music and fashion. We have an office space in Tilburg, the Netherlands from where we create videos, our asset packs and more. 

Join us on may 6th

On Saturday May 6th we will be hosting an event in our office space where we’ll be showcasing different creatives from the Dreadlabs community, host talks, workshops and more!


Saturday May 6th, 14.00 – 21.00


Artemisstraat 1, Tilburg (NL)

What's there to do?

  • Join masterclasses and workshops

  • Shop all kinds of work by the Dreadlabs community, from clothing to prints and stickers.

  • Play some tunes behind the decks

  • Meet other creatives

the program


All brands you see above will be showcasing their collections at the Dreadlabs community event. support your local creatives and meet the people behind these brands and shop their latest collections. The shop booth will be open untill 19.00.

workshops & Panels

15:00 – Workshop upcycling

Bring your old t-shirts and tie dye, spray paint or screenprint some new dope graphics on them.

17:00 – Panel about creativity

Ask questions about life as a creative. How to start your own business? How to cope with burnouts or imposter syndrome? Were here to help. This panel will be held at the event while the 0nline community is able to call in. Not from the Netherlands? Join us on Discord to attend this event!

18:30 – Talk by Pavemeant Atelier

Pavemeant Atelier is an artist from Tilburg. He’ll host a talk about his thought process when doing his art, and you’ll be able to ask him questions.

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other activities

15:00 – Tattoos by RAW Tattooer

Get a tattoo by Rik Baltussen, resident tattoo artist at Trueblue Tattoo in Eindhoven. 

16:30 – Spoken word by Jimmy Rockx

A poetry performance by Jimmy Rockx. This spoken word artist hosts his own poetry events in Breda and will be delighting us with art through words.

17:00 – Open DJ Booth

sign up to play a DJ set which will be recorded in front of a green screen. Your set will be sent to you after the event so that you can use it as promo material.

Besides these activities, there will be various creatives displaying their work in at the event, such as Pavemeant Atelier and Thuur Kurvers.

Full overview of activities


Sjors, also known as Kyubanme, is a designer and 3D artist from Eindhoven. He specialises in art inspired by the early 2000’s era. 

During his freelance career he’s worked for multiple clients, including fashion brand Fabienne Chapot. 

During the Open Office event, Sjors will be showcasing some prints and stickers of his free work. You’ll be able to buy his posters too if you’d be interested! 


Jenn, an illustrator that goes by the pseudonym Noctorias online specialises in digital character illustrations. 

During the Open Office event you’ll be able to see her work live, as well as buy her stickers and keychains!

Limbus art

Sjors Bekkers is a fine artist from Tilburg that specialises in creature design and fine art within the fantasy genre. 

As a creative thinker and explorer, Sjors tries to bring innovation, excitement and wonder into a genre and world that will inevitably go stale if we stick to what is perceived as it’s status-quo. 

During the Dreadlabs Open Office event you’ll be able to check out Sjors’ hand made drawings in real life.


Brato is a 24 year old techno DJ with with a burning passion for the deeper sounds of the world, devoted to making it feel the music.

During the Open Office event you’ll be able to experience Brato’s sounds. Check out the video on the left to get a preview of what you can expect. 

Join here

(Signing up through the link below helps us get a better idea on how many people are coming. You’re still allowed to come in if you don’t sign up, but doing so helps us out!)