What are Mockups?

Mockups are (usually) Adobe Photoshop files of real world objects with designs on them that you can replace with your own design. This can be clothing, billboards or posters. What’s great about Mockups is that they’re convenient and easy to use, while also showcasing what your design would look like in the real world. That’s why Mockups are perfect for your portfolio, for pitching or for testing out your designs.

How do Mockups work?

Photoshop Mockups work with Smart Objects. Essentially, when you’re in Photoshop a mockup has a single layer that usually says something along the lines of “Replace this with your design”. When you Double-Click on the thumbnail of that layer, Photoshop brings you to a separate photoshop document where you can simply drop in your design. Once you save and close this file, your design will be applied to your mockup automatically. It’s that simple!