Album Cover Mockups Vol. 1


Three album cover mockups to share your artworks on your Instagram portfolio in style.


Add a touch of realism to your album cover artwork with Album Cover Mockups Vol. 1!

If you’re a graphic designer that  frequently designs a lot of album covers for clients, you might encounter one of two problems: Your work either does not realistic enough, or you would love to pitch your design work to get it printed on vinyl. Album Cover Mockups Vol. 1 can fix both of those problems for you!

Why Album Cover Mockups Vol. 1?

Endless combinations: All good things come in threes. Album Cover Mockups Vol. 1 contains 3 PSD files with 3 different elements that can be toggled off: Paper edges, dust and scratches and a paper texture. By mixing and matching between the three PSD files, you’ll be able to roll out a fresh mockup every time you need one, without having that one look like one of your previous album covers.

High quality: With a resolution almost reaching 3000 by 3000 pixels, the textures and mockups can be used for pretty much any design project.

Widely applicable: Not a big Photoshop user? No worries. The Album Covers are also available as PNG’s, so you can use them as textures in your design project in your preffered design software.

So what’s inside?

  • 3 PSD Files of a Vinyl Record or Album Cover Mockup. Each PSD files has 3 texture layers that can be toggled on and off.
  • 3 PNG Files of the Album Cover Mockups

So what can I make with this asset pack?

Glad you asked. Here’s an album cover I’ve worked on where I used the Album Cover Mockup Vol. 1.

Too expensive?

The Album Cover Mockups Part 1 is also part of a discount bundle. In the Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 1 you’ll find over 450 assets for nearly half price. The Album Cover Mockups is part of this bundle.

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