Album Cover Mockups Vol. 2 – 3 Breathtaking Vinyl Record Mockups



Introducing Dreadlabs’ Album Cover Mockups Vol. 2 – A jaw-dropping set of vintage record mockups.

I went to a thrift store in my hometown and bought these vintage vinyl records, just for the purpose of creating the perfect worn-down, grungy album cover mockup for yall.

Immensely detailed

These images are scanned in at 1200 DPI, meaning that the astounding details of the record sleeves are captured at a very high density. That means you can see each and every speckle of dust, every fold, every scratch that these pieces of vintage music ever had to endure. See it for yourself in the last slide.

Created to fit your personal creative vision

Within this asset pack you’ll find enough to customize these mockups by yourself. Choose from a record sleeve with or without a hole, add the vinyl record itself, customize its sticker for maximum detail. Even the color of the record can be changed.

Designed for you to create the perfect pitch

As a graphic designer, you want to bring your ideas to life quickly. Especially when it could bring you a job for an album cover design. That’s why this mockup is made to work quick and easy.

So what’s inside Album Cover Mockups Vol. 2?

  • 1 PSD Mockup containing a White Vinyl Sleeve with a hole in it. Both the sleeve itself and the vinyl record inside are mockups in which you can paste your design.
  • 1 PSD Mockup containing a Black Vinyl Sleeve with highly detailed tears, wrinkles and distress marks. Also fully customizable.
  • 1 PSD Mockup containing a Vinyl Record. Simply place your design in the sticker and it will automatically look like it’s been printed in the 90’s.

How do mockups work?

The Album Cover Mockups Vol. 2 are easy to use. Check out this video to see how they operate. In this video I will demonstrate how to open the mockup files and how easy it is to simply drag and drop your designs into them.

Good to know

This mockup pack is only compatible with Adobe Photoshop. If you use any other software to design, you will not be able to use this mockup. Please note that since this video has been uploaded, the mockup pack has actually been updated. The textures and colors pop a lot better compared to this version. The product pictures are a good example of what the mockups can look like now.

Looking for different options?

We also offer another Album Cover Mockup pack, one that’s more focussed on Paper Textures and torn edges. You can find the Dreadlabs Album Cover Mockups Vol. 1 here.

When can I get a discount?

Right now. The Album Cover Mockups Vol. 2 are part of a huge graphic design asset pack bundle called Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2. Within this bundle you’ll find a wide variety of assets, coming up to a total of over 700 individual assets. All of that with more than 50% off. Check it out here.

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