Dread Renders Vol. 1


Over 40 high-quality 3D renders of Chains in both silver and iridescent for your artworks.


Unleash the Power of Elegance with Dread Renders Vol. 1: Elevate Your Designs to the Next Dimension

Introducing Dread Renders Vol. 1: our Chrome Chains 3D Renders Asset Pack, a treasure trove of visual luxury designed to redefine your graphic projects. Dive into a world of sophistication with 40 meticulously crafted PNG files, each showcasing the timeless allure of chrome chains in stunning 3D detail.

Key Features:

  1. Sculpted Elegance in Every Detail: Immerse yourself in the allure of meticulously designed chrome chains, each 3D render capturing the essence of elegance. From intricate links to polished surfaces, these renders bring a touch of refined sophistication to your creative endeavors.
  2. Versatile Design Elements: With 40 unique PNG files, this asset pack offers a diverse array of chrome chain renders. From simple chrome renders to iridescent chains, this asset pack offers it all. Whether you’re working on album covers, modern posters or NFT’s, these versatile elements effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your projects.
  3. High-Resolution Quality: Impeccable quality is non-negotiable. Every PNG file in this pack is delivered in high resolution, ensuring that the intricate details and metallic sheen of the chrome chains remain crisp and vibrant, even in the most demanding design environments. Each render comes in a resoltion of 3000 by 3000 pixels, making them large enough to fit in any design project.
  4. Transparent Backgrounds for Seamless Integration: The PNG format provides transparent backgrounds, allowing you to effortlessly integrate these 3D renders into your designs. Achieve a polished, professional look with ease as the chrome chains seamlessly blend into your chosen backdrop.
  5. Timeless Aesthetics, Contemporary Impact: Merge the timeless aesthetics of chrome with the contemporary impact of 3D design. These assets are not just visuals; they are statements, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your creative projects.

Why Choose Dread Renders Vol. 1:

  • Effortless Integration, Instant Impact: Save time and energy by incorporating ready-to-use 3D renders into your projects. No longer do you need to learn 3D software to unlock the possibilities of 3D renders, allowing you to focus on the overall impact of your design.
  • Unleash Creativity, Enhance Branding: Make a bold statement with the power of chrome. Whether you’re crafting a luxury brand identity or adding a touch of opulence to your digital designs, these 3D renders provide the creative freedom you need.

What’s inside?

  • 10 Transparent PNG files of Chrome Chains, each of them sharp and crisp.
  • 10 Transparent PNG files of Chrome Chains with depth of field added, giving depth to the renders.
  • 10 Transparent PNG files of Iridescent Chains, to make your colorful designs pop even more.
  • 10 Transparent PNG files of Iridescent Chains with depth of field added for the most elegant artworks.

Need to get inspired?

Don’t worry, Dreadlabs got you. Watch this video where I use Dread Renders Vol. 1 and showcase just some of the possibilites.

Not what you were looking for?

It happens. I’m happy to share with you that we also offer all kinds of 3D renders, including abstract 3D renders and chrome barbed wire renders. No longer do visual artists and graphic designers have to go to the tedious process to learn 3D software to work with 3D art in their design projects.

Elevate Your Designs, Embrace the Chrome Chains: Transform your graphic projects into masterpieces with the Chrome Chains 3D Renders Asset Pack. Make a lasting impression with visuals that transcend the ordinary, adding a touch of glamour to your design repertoire.

Experience the fusion of elegance and innovation – with Dread Renders Vol. 1.

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