Dread Renders Vol. 4


Dread Renders Vol. 4 – Celestial Beings. A fresh take on renders. This package contains over 100 PNG files of Y2K styled, abstract renders. Consisting of 40 unique “beings”, each one has completely different shapes and colours. Each being comes in 3 versions* : transparent, with a background and with a depth of field filter**. Each render can be manipulated very easy in software such as Photoshop with color correction adjustments to fit the render to your needs.


Unlock the Celestial Realm with Dread Renders Vol. 4 – A Stellar Collection of Y2K-Styled Abstract Renders

Dread Renders Vol. 4 – Celestial Beings introduces a contemporary approach to renders, offering a selection of over 100 PNG files showcasing unique, Y2K-styled abstract entities. Immerse yourself in the cosmic creativity of 40 distinct “beings,” each featuring diverse shapes and vibrant colors. Every being is thoughtfully presented in three versions: transparent, with a background, and enhanced with a depth of field filter. Easily customize these renders in software like Photoshop with simple color correction adjustments to seamlessly integrate them into your projects.

What’s Included:

  • 40 Transparent Sharp PNG Files
  • 40 Transparent Depth of Field PNG Files
  • 38 PNG Files with the Background Applied

Why Opt for Dread Renders Vol. 4?

  1. Convenience: Bid farewell to tedious 3D software learning curves. With Dread Renders Vol. 4, effortlessly drag and drop renders into your preferred design software, like Photoshop, for instant creative integration.
  2. Variety: Explore endless possibilities with over 40 renders, each available in a spectrum of colors. Kickstart your next design venture with the diverse options presented in Dread Renders Vol. 4.

Note: Two renders occupy the entire screen, eliminating the need for an additional version with a background applied. Additionally, each shot was meticulously rendered with aperture settings, introducing a realistic touch by selectively blurring parts of the render.

Unveiling the Celestial Beings: A Glimpse into the Dreadlabs Universe

These ethereal entities originate from the imaginative universe of Dreadlabs, a realm constructed through worldbuilding for design inspiration. The Celestial Beings are a product of this world, serving as the driving force behind the creation of these abstract renders featured in this unique asset pack.

Celestial Beings Explained:

“Venture far beyond the distant reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy to encounter the Ethereal Void, also known as the Peak of Human Consciousness. In this unexplored realm, unknown living organisms reside, aptly named Celestial Beings by Dreadlabs. Their enigmatic nature has shrouded them in mystery, appearing to humans as a specular, fluid form of light. Explore the extraordinary with little-known information about this phenomenon from the depths of the Ethereal Void.”

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