Dread Shapes Mega Bundle (250+ Shapes)

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Unveiling the Dread Shapes Mega Bundle – Your Gateway to Peak Brutalism in Poster Design

The Dread Shapes Mega Bundle is a comprehensive collection that equips graphic designers with everything they need to craft stunning brutalism posters and beyond. Drawing inspiration from various aesthetics like Y2K and the early ’90s, this bundle offers the essential elements to elevate your poster design to new heights. With its substantial discount and a vast array of icons, the Dread Shapes Mega Bundle is guaranteed to elevate your design game.

Dread Shapes Mega Bundle means Variety.

The potential is limitless. Whether you’re envisioning your Y2K clothing brand, designing brutalism posters, or creating cyberpunk HUDs, this bundle, featuring over 250 vector shapes, simplifies the process.

Understanding Vector Shapes:

Vector shapes are simple scalable forms that retain quality regardless of size, making them ideal for printing at any scale. Unlike PNG and JPEG files that lose quality when enlarged, vector files, created in software like Adobe Illustrator, can seamlessly scale. Additionally, they can be easily imported into Photoshop for added flexibility.

Using Vector Shapes has never been easier.

Enjoy the simplicity of incorporating vector and PNG files in your preferred design software. Whether you use Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, Affinity Designer, or any other tool, this graphic design asset pack ensures seamless integration.

What’s Inside the Bundle?

  • Dread Shapes Volume 1: 20 Tribal Shapes inspired by brutalism and ’90s tattoos
  • Dread Shapes Volume 2: 64 Futuristic Icons inspired by the ’90s rave aesthetic
  • Dread Shapes Volume 3: 40 Futuristic Icons inspired by the Y2K aesthetic
  • Dread Shapes Volume 4: 20 Tribal Shapes inspired by ’90s tattoos
  • Dread Shapes Volume 5: 20 Industrial Shapes inspired by safety hazard icons
  • Dread Shapes Volume 6: 40 Mask Illustrations from cultures worldwide
  • Scientific Illustrations: 44 Illustrations inspired by Da Vinci
  • Dread Blasterz: 20 Futuristic Weapon Vectors + 4 Frames inspired by Gundam and Borderlands
  • Shapes Metalheart Essentials: 20 Y2K Elements inspired by Metalheart/Depthcore Aesthetic

Seeking Inspiration?

If 250 shapes seem overwhelming, check out our video where we create a brutalism poster using shapes from the Dread Shapes Mega Bundle. This tutorial not only provides a starting point but also showcases the diverse shapes available in this asset pack.

Curated Awesomeness:

Not everyone requires 250 vector shapes. For those seeking specific shapes, individual asset packs are available without the bundle discount but remain more affordable. Explore them here.

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