Dread Shapes Vol. 4 – Tribal Shapes


Dread Shapes Vol. 4 – Tribal Shapes contains 20 hand drawn vectors to use in all your graphic design needs. Inspired by tribal tattoo’s and heavy metal band logo’s, these shapes are sure to add in a grimey feel to your designs. Add them as logo elements, subtle background elements or eyecatchers with layer styles. Each Vector also comes in .png format for those who do not use Adobe Illustrator.


Dread Shapes Vol. 4 – Tribal Shapes: Elevate Your Designs with Hand-Drawn Vector Mastery!

Explore the essence of late 90’s tribal tattoos revived in a modern graphic design trend with Dread Shapes Vol. 4. This pack features 20 meticulously hand-drawn tribal vector shapes, providing a shortcut to intricate designs that kickstart your creativity.

Why Choose Dread Shapes Vol. 4?

1. Authentic Tribal Aesthetic: Immerse your designs in the rich history of late 90’s tribal tattoos, seamlessly translated into a contemporary graphic design trend of the 2020s. Each vector shape encapsulates the essence of this timeless aesthetic.

2. Hand-Crafted Precision: Crafting detailed tribal illustrations can be challenging. Fear not – these 20 hand-drawn tribal shapes are meticulously created for you. Focus on speeding up your design process without compromising on the authenticity of intricate tribal art.

3. Versatility Across Projects: Whether you’re designing a poster, logo, or album cover, Dread Shapes Vol. 4 provides a versatile toolkit. Quickly establish a strong design base with these vector shapes, enhancing the efficiency of your creative process.

What’s Inside?

  • 20 Hand-Drawn Tribal Vector Shapes: Dive into a collection of meticulously crafted vector shapes, each telling a unique visual story inspired by the tribal tattoo trend.
  • 20 Hand-Drawn Tribal PNG Files: Enjoy the flexibility of PNG files, allowing seamless integration into various design software for a hassle-free design experience.

Need Inspiration?

Watch this video where we demonstrate the creative potential of Dread Shapes Vol. 4. Witness the creation of a brutalism poster from scratch, showcasing the dynamic versatility of these tribal shapes alongside other vector packs from our webshop.

Watch the Inspirational Video Now!

Combine with the Styling Kit: Unlock Endless Possibilities!

Elevate your designs further by effortlessly combining Dread Shapes Vol. 4 with our Styling Kit. Instantly access chrome tribal shapes, paving the way for creating metamodern grotesk posters and acid graphix with unparalleled ease.

In Conclusion:

Dread Shapes Volume 4 – Tribal Shapes stands as the ultimate collection, offering the best hand-drawn tribal vector shapes that seamlessly blend the rich history of late 90’s tribal tattoos with the contemporary graphic design trends of the 2020s. Accelerate your design process, infuse depth into your projects, and create with unparalleled authenticity.

Ready to Infuse Your Designs with Tribal Vibes? Explore Dread Shapes Vol. 4 Now!

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