Dread Shapes Vol. 5 – Industrial Icons


20 Industrial Icons inspired by danger hazards. Comes in Vector and PNG format.


Dread Shapes Vol. 5 – Industrial Icons: Ignite Your Designs with 20 Hazard-Inspired Vector Icons!

Dive into the world of industrial aesthetics with Dread Shapes Vol. 5. This pack boasts 20 meticulously crafted vector icons inspired by hazard signs, ranging from skull vectors to flammable symbols. Tailored for industrial design projects, these icons transcend their initial purpose, making them perfect for brutalism posters, grunge designs, and any graphic project with an industrial edge.

Why Choose Dread Shapes Vol. 5?

1. Versatile Industrial Aesthetics: Immerse your designs in the raw essence of industrial visuals. From toxic biohazards to nuclear symbols, flammable icons, gas mask illustrations, and danger signs, this pack encompasses everything you need for a diverse range of industrial-themed projects.

2. Seamless Integration: Originally designed for safety and hazard icons in the workplace, these vectors are your secret weapon for crafting impactful designs. Easily drag-and-drop each icon from the Adobe Illustrator file, providing effortless integration into your projects.

3. Compatibility Across Design Software: Fear not if Adobe Illustrator isn’t your primary tool. The icons are also available in high-resolution PNG format, ensuring compatibility with your preferred design software. Seamless integration, regardless of your design toolkit.

What’s Inside?

  • 20 Hand-Crafted Industrial Icons in Vector Format: Dive into a collection of meticulously designed vector icons, each telling a unique visual story inspired by industrial hazards.
  • 20 Hand-Crafted Industrial Icons in PNG Format: Enjoy the flexibility of PNG files, allowing seamless integration into various design software for a hassle-free design experience.

Need Inspiration?

Watch this quick video where we showcase the creative potential of Dread Shapes Vol. 5 – Industrial Icons. Witness the design process, including the addition of a grunge effect using our texture pack called “FILTH.”

In Conclusion:

Dread Shapes Vol. 5 – Industrial Icons isn’t just a vector pack; it’s a catalyst for industrial creativity. Elevate your designs, transcend boundaries, and unleash the power of hazard-inspired icons in your graphic projects.

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