Dread Shapes Vol. 6 – Masks


Dread Shapes Vol. 6 is a vector pack by Dreadlabs that contains of 40 vector illustrations of masks all around the world. The 20 unique masks from different cultures come in two variants: outlined and filled.


Dread Shapes Vol. 6 – Masks: Explore Cultural Diversity with 40 Intricately Illustrated Masks!

Embark on a cultural journey with Dread Shapes Vol. 6 – Masks, a vector pack featuring 40 meticulously crafted illustrations of masks from around the world. Curated by Dreadlabs, this pack showcases 20 unique masks from diverse cultures, each presented in two variants: outlined and filled. Dive into the intricacy of these masks, perfect as the main centerpiece or additional elements in your artworks.

Why Choose Dread Shapes Vol. 6 – Masks?

1. Global Cultural Showcase: Celebrate diversity with 40 vector illustrations of masks representing cultures worldwide. These detailed masks offer a visual feast, allowing you to incorporate a global touch into your designs.

2. Versatility in Design: With both outlined and filled variants, these masks adapt to your creative vision. Whether you choose them as the focal point or supporting elements, the versatility of these illustrations knows no bounds.

3. Seamless Integration: Designed for efficiency, all masks can be effortlessly dragged and dropped directly from the Illustrator file. For those without Adobe Illustrator, fear not – high-quality PNG images are included for seamless integration into your preferred design software.

What’s Inside?

  • 20 Vector Shapes of Filled Masks: Immerse your designs in the rich details of fully illustrated masks, capturing the essence of cultural traditions.
  • 20 Vector Shapes of Outlined Masks: Embrace a unique visual style with outlined variants, offering a distinct and captivating aesthetic.
  • 20 PNG Images of Filled Masks: Enjoy flexibility with high-quality PNG images, ensuring compatibility with various design software applications.
  • 20 PNG Images of Outlined Masks: The outlined versions are also available in PNG format, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate them into your creative projects.

Need inspiration?

Check out this video where I use the masks in a vintage poster design!

Looking for a discount?

Consider checking out the Dread Shapes mega bundle– containing over 250 vector shapes for a 50% discount! Of course Dread Shapes Vol. 6 – Masks are included, as are all of the other volumes from the Dread Shapes series.

In Conclusion:

Dread Shapes Vol. 6 – Masks isn’t just a vector pack; it’s a cultural mosaic that enriches your designs with global influences. Whether you’re creating a main centerpiece or adding nuanced elements, these masks invite you to explore and celebrate the diversity of our world.

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