Dread Shapes Volume 2



Introducing Dread Shapes Volume 2: Elevate Your Creativity with Sleek and Versatile Icons!

Revolutionize your design projects with our latest Dread Shapes package – a dynamic collection of 64 icons crafted for the contemporary creative. Embrace the future of design with sleek, versatile icons that effortlessly integrate into any modern aesthetic. Scroll down to read what our top-selling vector icons pack has to offer for you!

Key Features:

  1. 64 Different Icons: Available in vector format, or as separate PNG files. Inspired by design aesthetics such as metamodern grotesk, acid graphix, and modern poster design in general.
  2. Sleek Simplicity, Infinite Possibilities: Our vector icons embody the essence of modern design, boasting clean lines, minimalistic shapes, and a timeless simplicity. Elevate your projects with icons that speak the language of contemporary aesthetics. Perfect for metamodern grotesk-styled designs, or acid posters.
  3. Versatility for Every Purpose: From posters to album covers, these icons seamlessly adapt to any canvas. The pack covers a wide range of categories, ensuring you have the perfect icon for every design scenario.
  4. Pixel-Perfect Precision: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each vector icon is pixel-perfect, ensuring a flawless display on any screen or platform. Maintain the integrity of your design vision with icons that exude professionalism and precision.
  5. Customization at Your Fingertips: Tailor these icons to suit your unique style. With fully editable and scalable vectors, you have the freedom to adjust colors, sizes, and details, allowing for a harmonious integration with your overall design. For example: Easily adjust the strokes of the outlined icons to your needs!
  6. Comprehensive Collection: Whether you’re working on an album cover, a futuristic poster, or a personal creative endeavor, Dread Shapes Volume 2 provides a comprehensive selection. Navigate effortlessly through a variety of icons that cater to every design requirement.

Why Choose Dread Shapes Volume 2:

  • Save Time, Boost Efficiency: Streamline your design process with ready-to-use icons that eliminate the need for time-consuming creation. Focus on the strategic aspects of your project while our pack takes care of the visual details.
  • Easy to use: Simply drag-and-drop the shapes into your design project.
  • Wide variety: From eyes to globe icons, from crosshairs to smileys. Dread Shapes Volume 2 offers a range of versatile icons suitable for lots of different graphic design projects.
  • Compatible for any design software: Wether you’re using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer or any other software, Dread Shapes Volume 1 is compatible with every major graphic design tool. The package comes with an Adobe Illustrator file, but also with each Shape in a high-resolution PNG file. This way you can enjoy the pack even if you don’t use Adobe Illustrator.

Looking for inspiration?

I myself have been designing with Dread Shapes volume 2 for a long time now. I’ve used this asset pack for posters, album covers, logo design projects, and much more. If you’re wondering what’s possible with these icons, you can watch a video of me designing with Dread Shapes Volume 2 to inspire yourself.

Explore our YouTube channel, where I share graphic design tutorials regularly. You’ll find that I’ve used Dread Shapes Volume 2 often in my design projects on there.

What’s inside?

  • An Illustrator File containing 64 icons, ranging from globe icons to smileys.
  • 64 PNG files based on the vector icons, for those who do not use Illustrator.

Transform Your Designs, Inspire Innovation: Empower your creativity with Dread Shapes Vol. 2. Assemble a visual language that speaks to the contemporary audience, making a lasting impact in the fast-evolving world of design.

Stay on the cutting edge – with Dread Shapes Vol. 2.

Curious about our other Vector Shape packs? Dread Shapes comes with multiple volumes, so be sure to check out our other Vector products, or shop all of our vector icons at a massive bundle discount!

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