Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2 – 700+ Spectacular Graphic Design Assets

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Introducing Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2, one of our largest asset bundles combined with one of our largest discounts yet.

If you’re looking for the most versatile asset pack bundle for graphic designers that want to create brutalism, Y2K or mixed media styled art, then you’ve found the goldmine.

What is Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2?

Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2 is an asset pack bundle that contains all of the asset packs I’ve released during my second year of running Dreadlabs. The pack contains textures, vector icons, mockups, Photoshop Actions and effects, 3D renders and much more.

Who can benefit from this pack?

Wether you’re a beginner or a seasoned graphic designer, this pack contains something for you. Beginners can learn a lot from the Photoshop Actions in the Dreadlabs Styling Kits, while expert designers can save tons of time using the textures in their design work.

So what’s inside, specifically?

  • Dreadlabs Styling Kit Vol. 1 10 Photoshop Actions that help you create incredible text effects, from chrome type to bitmap effects
  • Dreadlabs Styling Kit Vol. 2 10 Photoshop Actions that’ll help you achieve the perfect Y2K look. From texture generators to text effects, from Photo Filters to Background Generators.
  • Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 2 Gritty and grainy paper textures
  • Album Cover Mockups Vol. 2 Old School Vinyl Record Mockups, including customizable record stickers and record sleeves
  • Dread Shapes Vol. 3 40 Shapes and Icons in vector format, including cyberpunk HUD frames, Tribal Shapes and more.
  • Dread Shapes Vol. 4 20 Highly-detailed Tribal Shapes in vector format
  • Dread Blasterz 24 Vector assets based on science fiction weaponry
  • Dread Renders Vol. 4 Celestial Beings – 120 PNG files of Abstract 3D Renders
  • Ink Textures A bundle of experimental textures, including photocopy textures, dripping ink textures, Marker and Paint textures and more
  • FILTH 300 grunge assets including textures, Photoshop Brushes and Displacement Maps

But that’s not all…

In my second year of Dreadlabs I also participated in the Creatober Challenge. This meant that I designed 31 posters, animations and other creative work during October 2021. All of the project files are also included in this bundle. That means you’re getting an additional 19 Photoshop Files, 10 Adobe Illustrator Files, 17 Cinema 4D Project Files and 3 After Effects Files with your Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2.

All of this for how much?

All of these packs combined would cost you over €100. However, since you’re getting all of these packs in one go, I’d figure to give you a hefty discount. For only €50 you can get all of these assets.

It’s just too much to take in…

I get it, all of these assets can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why you can always get the assets separately. If you’re still looking for a discount however, I also offer a couple of smaller discount bundles on my website, with for example only paper textures in them. Check them out here.

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