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Introducing the Dreadlabs Styling Kit Vol. 2

After the popularity of Dreadlabs Styling Kit Vol. 1, I simply had to create a second pack. Containing some of the popular actions like the Y2K chrome effects, this pack also contains a lot more variety than the first volume. Pixellate your text, add grungy ink-bleeds, gradient map overlays and textures instantly. Just click on one button and sit back. This pack helps you to speed up your workflow drastically, while also inspiring you in the process.

We do it for you, but you hold the ropes.

While using these Photoshop Actions helps you achieve effects instantly, most of these actions are made procedural. That means that whenever possible, I’ve made these packs so you can dive straight into the effect and change parameters to your personal needs. Pixels too small? Simply make them larger. Used an effect but need to change the font or text? Simply go back into the Smart Objects made and change it to a better font. It’s all possible with Dreadlabs Styling Kit Vol. 2.

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are a pre-recorded set of steps in Photoshop sequenced after one another. After recording, you can instantly repeat these actions in simply one click. So while I made sure to record my chrome type styling, you can simply click once, sit back and enjoy the very same effect.

When should you get Dreadlabs Styling Kit Vol. 2?

If you’re a beginning graphic designer and you’re just starting out, it can be overwhelming to wacht tons of tutorials and learn these techniques by video. The cool part about getting Photoshop actions is that you can dissect each action and learn from it in a more hands-on way. If you’re a professional designer, getting this pack will simply save you a lot of time.

So what’s inside this asset pack?

Dreadlabs Styling Kit Vol. 2 contains 10 Photoshop actions and 10 gradient maps.

Toxic Glow

Add a nice nuclear glow effect to your design with this effect.

Ink Bleed Gradient Map effect

One of the most popular design trends for a long time was the Ink Bleed Heatmap / Gradient Map effect. Use this effect in 1 click with over 10 gradient maps to choose from.

Glossy Y2K Effect

Add a nice glossy / chrome effect to your shapes, overlays, buttons or text with this retro inspired effect.

Pixellised Text Effect

Change your text from smooth to pixellated for a retro computer look. This effect is procedural, meaning you can still edit your text or pixel size after running the effect.

Grunged Text Effect

Add a quick, subtle raw edge to your text using this action. This action is also procedural, so no worries if you want to change your text later.

Light & Dark Texture Generator

Add a subtle texture to your designs without having to browse an asset library. Just one simple click will do. This effect comes in a Light and Dark variant, depending on how light or dark your design work is.

Y2K Photo Glow Effect

Ever seen those backgrounds in old-school anime where a landscape seems to almost glow? This is the effect to make that happen. Works really well with a grain texture.

Abstract Background Generators

These 2 intricate Photoshop Actions generate abstract backgrounds in your project. They take a little bit longer, but the results are worth it. Most of this is also procedural, meaning you can dive into these files and edit them to satisfy your personal needs.


Don’t worry. Using the Dreadlabs Styling Kit Vol. 2 is easy, and everyone using Photoshop can use it. Check out this video where I showcase how to use the pack with examples, and go over how to install this pack on your computer.

Not your style?

I do have another Styling Kit with different effects, such as Bitmap Effects, Static Noise Generators and a wide variety of Chrome Effects. Check it out here.

Note: This pack only works with Adobe Photoshop.

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