FILTH – 300 Staggering Grunge Assets



Grunge it up with Filth – A wide variety of harsh textures, displacement maps and brushes taken right from the streets.

The end result is Filth – everything a graphic designer needs in order to create grungy brutalism art.

What is Filth?

I went to the streets of my hometown Tilburg to capture the gnarliest, dirtiest textures I could find on camera. This pack contains textures of concerete, steel, wood, asphalt, and pretty much any other damaged surface I could find.

What makes this pack so good?

Simply put, this is 13GB of:

  • 100 Textures in order to add depth or grunge to your design
  • 100 Displacement Maps to distort your designs and give it a raw edge
  • 100 Adobe Photoshop Brushes to mask parts of your designs to make it look like it’s worn down over time

I don’t get it

No worries, that’s why I have a YouTube channel. In this tutorial I use Filth in order to create grungy designs. I also show you how to create your own textures if you prefer that over an asset pack. Of course you can save yourself a whole lot of time if you just get the pack. Totally up to you though, no pressure.

Now that I get it, I want a discount!

Again, no worries. Filth is part of a giant graphic design asset bundle I made during my second year at Dreadlabs. It’s called Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2 and it contains over €100 worth of assets (including this pack) at over 50% discount. Check it out here.

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