Futuristic Headers Volume 2



The Futuristic Headers Volume II by Negentropy is here !

Dive into the future of design with Futuristic Header Volume II. This collection of 30 header assets, available in both SVG and PNG formats, builds upon the foundation set by the original pack, introducing new dimensions inspired by the sleek aesthetics of games like Wipeout and the immersive worlds of J-RPGs.

That pack is perfect to add to your next project. From a cyberpunk logo to a Game interface set up in space.

Futuristic Header Pack II offers an expanded repertoire of header assets, complementing other Negentropy packs or working on its own.

Designed for seamless integration with your current needs, it maintains SVG scalability and PNG compatibility. This ensures a smooth transition in your design language, allowing for limitless creativity across various platforms.

Redefine the visual narrative of your projects with Futuristic Header Volume II. Ideal for websites, apps, gaming interfaces, and futuristic presentations, these assets empower you to create interfaces that transcend conventional boundaries.

What’s inside?

  • 30 Futuristic Headers in PNG Format
  • 30 Futuristic Headers in SVG Format
  • 1 Illustrator file with examples