Goodie Pack


A small package that contains a little bit of everything for the designer on a budget.


Dreadlabs Goodie Pack: Unleash Creativity with Affordable Versatility!

Introducing the Dreadlabs Goodie Pack – our most affordable and versatile asset pack that marked the beginning of our creative journey. Take a nostalgic trip back to 2019 with this pack, where it all started for Dreadlabs. Packed with plastic textures, paper textures, stickers, and much more, the Goodie Pack is your gateway to affordable and high-quality design elements.

Why Choose the Goodie Pack?

1. Affordability Redefined: Priced lower than your average beer (at least here in the Netherlands), the Goodie Pack is a steal. Unleash your creativity without breaking the bank.

2. Wide Variety for Comprehensive Designs: From textures to stickers and even renders, this pack offers a diverse range of design elements. It’s a one-stop solution for all your creative needs.

3. High Quality at Every Detail: Scanned at an impressive 600 DPI, every element in the Goodie Pack is crafted with precision, ensuring exceptionally high-quality results in your designs.

What’s Inside?

  • 15 Plastic Baggies: Authentic plastic textures for a touch of realism.
  • 12 Plastic Sheets: Versatile elements for a wide range of design applications.
  • 2 Wrinkled Plastic Sheets: Add depth and character to your designs.
  • 8 Razor Blade Scans: Edgy and dynamic design elements.
  • 3D Renders:
    • Barbed Wire: A realistic 3D render to elevate your compositions.
    • Fence: Another 3D render for adding an industrial touch to your designs.
  • 3 Stickers: Ready-made stickers for a playful and trendy vibe.
  • 14 Tape Scans: Versatile tape scans for an authentic touch.
  • 1 Paper Texture: A classic paper texture for a timeless look.

Looking for Inspiration?

Explore the possibilities of the Goodie Pack by revisiting my personal portfolio page. Witness how this pack played a crucial role in almost every design from 2019 to 2020.

In Conclusion:

The Dreadlabs Goodie Pack isn’t just an asset pack; it’s a time capsule that takes you back to our creative roots. Affordable, versatile, and brimming with high-quality design elements, this pack is designed to empower your creativity without compromise.


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