Liquid Marble Textures – 60 Unbelievable abstract textures



Introducing the trippy liquid marble textures: 60 High-detailed abstract textures made with liquid marble paint.

These high-quality images are the result of an intense session of blending different types of marble paint on top of different oils. With their immense detail, bright colors and abstract patterns these textures can be used for a wide variety of design projects.

Everything’s possible with Liquid Marble Textures

Wether you’re seeing cells, outer space or flames- these abstract patterns leave a lot to your own imagination. And armed with software such as Adobe Photoshop you’re able to bend the colors and textures at will. The only limit is your own imagination.

Don’t stop at still images

Watch this highlight of one of my livestreams where I use the Liquid Marble textures to create an abstract psychedelic animation in Adobe After Effects.

Shop at a discount

The Liquid Marble Textures are part of a larger asset bundle called Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 1. This bundle contains all of the asset packs that I’ve released within my first year of working on Dreadlabs. Everything within the bundle is priced at 50% off.

This pack is also part of the Mixed Media Bundle, which is a little bit more affordable than the Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 1 and contains all sorts of textures and other graphic design assets in order to create mesmerising mixed media art, all digitally from the comfort of your own computer.

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