Neutron Kicks – 20 Analog Hard Techno Samples


20 Kick samples for hard techno, hard trance and other harder electronic music genres.


Introducing Neutron Kicks: The best, cheapest way to start producing Hard Techno and Gabber Music.

Neutron Kicks is a sample pack for producers that want to make Hard Techno, Hard Groove, Pestcore or Gabber. Containing 20 kicks I made on an analog synthesizer system, this pack is ideal for the harder techno genres which are insanely popular as of 2023 and 2024.

Why you should get this pack?

Nowadays, every single producer is using Splice or Cymatics, because of this, your kicks won’t be unique, since pretty much every producer has access to them. When buying a unique sample pack that’s fairly unknown, you’ll be able to use these kicks without anyone knowing where you got them from. Plus, you’re supporting a small creator rather than a large company!

Listen Below to a demo using some of the Neutron Kicks in it:

Looking for inspiration?

The Genres you can produce with this Sample Pack can be found in our Dread Rave Playlist on Spotify, which you can find on our Playlists page.

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