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Introducing Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 1 – Elevate Your Designs with 64 Ultra-Realistic Paper Textures

Discover the versatility of graphic design with the Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 1, featuring 64 meticulously crafted paper textures, each scanned at an impressive 1200 dpi. These high-resolution, ultra-realistic textures are a dynamic addition to any graphic design project, offering unparalleled quality and adaptability.

Key Features:

  1. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of graphic design projects, these paper textures bring a touch of realism to your creations. Whether you aim for lifelike print effects, a hint of grunge, or a platform for experimentation, Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 1 is the essential asset pack for your toolkit.
  2. Mixed Media Effects: In addition to paper textures, the pack includes tear elements that open the door to various mixed media effects. Achieve an authentic torn edge look, layer different pieces of paper, or unleash your creativity with unique paper tear effects.
  3. High-Quality Scans: Scanned in at an impressive 1200 dpi, these textures offer exceptional detail, making them suitable for diverse design projects, including large-scale printable posters. Experience the freedom to enhance your designs with the utmost clarity and realism.
  4. Cost-Efficient: Elevate your designs without breaking the bank. Priced at just €5, Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 1 is a budget-friendly investment that doesn’t compromise on quality. Enjoy the benefits of high-end textures at an affordable cost.

Perfect Pairing: Ink Bleed Effect

Enhance your designs further by combining these textures with an ink bleed effect. Watch our tutorial on achieving realistic ink bleeds, complemented by the captivating textures from Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 1.

What’s inside the Paper Pack Vol. 1?

  • 64 PNG paper textures (4000×3000 px)
  • 13 PNG paper tears (~2000 x 7000 px)

Explore the endless possibilities of graphic design with Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 1 – Where realism meets creativity. Elevate your projects with affordable, high-quality textures that make a lasting impression.

Looking for a discount?

The Paper Pack Vol. 1 is part of both the Paper Texture Bundle and the Mixed Media Bundle. Both bundles contain multiple asset packs (mostly textures) with a fair discount.

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Mixed Media, Rave Art, Retrofuturistic / Vintage

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