Paper Pack Vol. 2



Introducing Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 2 – Elevate Your Designs with Gritty Experimental Paper Textures

Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 2 offers a distinctive collection of gritty and experimental paper textures, perfect for enhancing your graphic design projects. This pack comprises a diverse range of vintage paper textures sourced from old books, rough sandpaper, and weathered cardboard, providing a unique analog touch to your design work.

Key Features:

  1. Gritty and Experimental: Explore a curated selection of vintage paper textures, ranging from the timeless charm of old books to the raw and textural qualities of sandpaper and cardboard. Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 2 is your go-to resource for infusing your designs with a gritty, experimental aesthetic.
  2. Analog Feel: Immerse your projects in the rich, tactile sensations of analog mediums. This pack ensures your designs carry the authentic, weathered character of vintage paper, adding depth and personality to your creative endeavors.
  3. High-Resolution Scans: Scanned in at an impressive 1200 DPI, these textures boast exceptional detail. With dimensions around 4500 by 6000 pixels, they are perfectly suited for large-scale design projects, ensuring clarity and realism in every pixel.
  4. Large Size: With dimensions compatible even with the largest design requirements, Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 2 provides flexibility and adaptability for your diverse design needs.

Enhance your graphic design projects with the unique charm of Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 2. Elevate your designs with the raw, gritty textures of vintage paper, carefully curated to bring a distinctive character to your creative work. Experience the perfect blend of analog aesthetics and digital convenience with this essential paper texture pack.

What’s inside:

  • 17 Vintage Paper Textures
  • 20 Sandpaper Textures
  • 5 Cardboard Textures

Looking for inspiration?

Learn how to work with textures the right way. In this video I explain all about Blend Modes and how these affect the way you’re using textures. I’m even using Paper Pack Vol. 2 in the video, so consider the video a demo of this asset pack as well.

Want a discount?

Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 2 is part of  a couple of bundle items. You can find it in the Paper Texture Bundle (150 assets for €12,50), the Mixed Media Bundle (650 assets for €30) and the Dreadlabs Kit Vol. 2 (500+ assets for  €50).

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