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Introducing Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 3 – Infuse Colorful Craftiness into Your Graphic Designs

Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 3 brings forth a vibrant assortment of crafting paper textures, designed to elevate your next graphic design project. Immerse your posters in authenticity with this diverse asset pack, perfect for achieving an unmistakably hand-made aesthetic. Whether you’re crafting collages or seeking to inject color, realism, or grunge into your designs, this pack stands as the ultimate choice in the market.

Key Features:

  1. Colorful Variety: Dive into a kaleidoscope of different paper textures, tailored for those who desire an authentic, hand-made appearance in their designs. Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 3 is your go-to resource for infusing your projects with a burst of color and creativity.
  2. Versatile Applications: Whether you’re engaged in collage work, aiming to add vibrant color, realistic textures, or a touch of grunge, this pack is your all-in-one solution. Elevate your projects with the richness and diversity offered by the best paper texture pack in the market. All textures and assets come in JPEG and PNG format, making them usable in any image editing software.
  3. Affordability and Rich Variety: Priced competitively and featuring an extensive array of different paper textures, this pack ensures there’s always something suitable for your next project. The low cost coupled with a rich variety makes it a valuable asset for designers at any level.
  4. High-Quality Scans: Each texture has been scanned in at extremely high DPI’s, guaranteeing top-notch quality. The dimensions are generously high, making these textures seamlessly compatible with high-resolution printwork, ensuring your designs shine without compromise. No more pixellated textures on your poster work.

Why Paper Pack Vol. 3 is Ultimate Pack for digital collage art!

Next to a wide variety of colourful paper textures, Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 3 also contains tears and rips with a transparent background. Simply drag-and-drop these into your projects for an unmatched analog collage feel.

What’s inside:

  • 3 Black Crafting Paper Textures
  • 3 White Crafting Paper Textures
  • 1 Notebook Texture
  • 10 Colored Crafting Paper Textures
  • 5 Cartboard Textures
  • 8 Paper Rips and Tears with a transparent background
  • Bonus Transparent Matte Plastic Overlay

Looking for inspiration?

In this video I’m designing a brutalism poster in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. At the very end, I’m finishing off the poster using Paper Pack Vol. 3 for a subtle grunge texture.

I want a discount!

You can have one! Paper Pack Vol. 3 is part of the Paper Texture Bundle. This bundle contains all 3 volumes of the paper pack series, which gives you even more variety!

Experience the unparalleled blend of color, realism, and versatility with Dreadlabs Paper Pack Vol. 3. Your journey towards creating visually striking and authentically crafted designs begins here. Explore the endless possibilities of this remarkable paper texture pack and witness the transformative impact it can bring to your graphic design projects.

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