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Dreadlabs Rave Flyer Essentials: Designing the Ultimate 90s Rave Experience

Step into the vibrant world of 90s rave culture with Dreadlabs’ Rave Flyer Essentials – the definitive toolkit for designing flyers that capture the essence of the golden era of rave music. Packed with vector icons, textures, mockups, a customizable smiley builder, Photoshop actions, displacement maps, and hand-crafted illustrations, this asset pack is your gateway to creating insane flyers and bringing the rave aesthetic to life.

Why Rave Flyer Essentials?

All-Inclusive Toolkit: Dive into a comprehensive collection of design elements tailored specifically for rave flyers. From vector icons that resonate with the era’s visual language to textures that add depth and authenticity, this toolkit covers every aspect of the creative process. Elevate your designs with mockups, smiley variations, and hand-made illustrations that bring your visions to life.

Choose Your Level: Rave Flyer Essentials caters to designers with varying needs and budgets. The asset pack comes in three distinct variations:

  1. Light Version: Perfect for designers on a budget, the Light version offers essential assets to experiment with the rave aesthetic. Despite having fewer elements, it provides a solid foundation for creating captivating designs.
  2. Standard Version: For those seeking more possibilities, the Standard version offers an expanded selection of assets, including mockups. This version is ideal for designers who want a broader range of creative options for their rave flyer projects.
  3. Pro Version: The ultimate treasure trove for designing rave flyers, the Pro version is a comprehensive package containing everything you need. From Ink Bleed Photoshop actions for dynamic effects to intricately crafted illustrations, this version empowers you to create professional-grade rave flyers that stand out.

Compatible with different software: The icons and shapes featured in Rave Flyer Essentials come in an Illustrator file, but also in PNG format. This means that you can use most of these assets with any design tool- it doesn’t necessarily have to be Adobe products. The textures, shapes and Smiley Builder work with software such as Affinity Designer, Gimp and more. The Displacement Maps, Photoshop actions and Mockups however are only compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

What’s inside?

Lite Standard Pro
Smiley Builder
Shapes 20 52 84
Textures 5 10 25
Photoshop Actions 3 3 3
Flyer Mockups 3 4
Displacement Maps 5 10
Illustrations 12
Price 5 10 20
Number of assets 29 74 139

Smiley Builder?

I’ve designed a tool that contains elements to design smiley faces. It contains 15 sets of eyes, 15 mouths and 5 additional elements. These can be toggled ond and off in an Adobe Illustrator file in order to design all kinds of Smiley faces. If you don’t work in Illustrator, don’t worrry though! Each of these elements also comes in a PNG format, enabling you to use the Smiley builder in your preferred Design software.

Photoshop Actions?

In order to speed up your design workflow, I’ve recorded my own process when I create ink bleeds and noise textures. With Photoshop actions, these are just a simple click away! By running the Photoshop action, your design will have an Ink Bleed or a Noise overlay in a matter of seconds.

Unlock Your Creative Potential:

Innovative Smileys: Explore the unique Smileys Builder, allowing you to design over 1000 different smileys. Customize expressions, colors, and styles to infuse your flyers with individuality and personality.

Dynamic Photoshop Actions: The Pro version includes Ink Bleed Photoshop actions, adding dynamic and vibrant effects to your designs. Elevate your visuals with a touch of unpredictability and creativity.

Hand-Crafted Illustrations: Immerse your designs in authenticity with hand-made illustrations exclusive to the Pro version. These illustrations capture the spirit of rave culture, providing a unique and compelling visual narrative.

Looking for inspiration?

My YouTube channel covers the topic of rave flyer design a lot, so this should give you some inspiration to create rave flyers using Rave Flyer Essentials!

I also have a couple of Spotify playlists to help you get into the mood of designing. Check them out here.


Dreadlabs’ Rave Flyer Essentials is more than an asset pack; it’s a time machine that transports your designs to the heart of the 90s rave movement. Choose your version, unleash your creativity, and embark on a design journey that pays homage to the iconic era of rave music.

Embrace the Rave Revolution – Get Your Essentials Now!

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