Skeumorphic Frame Kit



After the giant succes of the Futuristic Headers kit, Negentropy Designs is back with another vector pack. The Skeumorphic Frame kit contains over 120 vector frames to use in your Y2K artworks. They vary in different aspect ratios too. No Adobe Illustrator? No problem. The pack also contains each vector shape in PNG format for people who do not use vector-based software. On top of that, each frame comes with its on textured version to get you started.

What’s inside:

  • 38 Frames in 1:1 ratio (SVG + PNG + Textured PNG)
  • 37 Frames in 4:5 ratio (SVG + PNG + Textured PNG)
  • 36 Frames in 9:16 ratio (SVG + PNG + Textured PNG)
  • 16 Display Frames (SVG + PNG + Textured PNG)
  • 1 Large Overview .ai file

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Negentropy Designs



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