Vintage Crewneck Mockup



Introducing the Dreadlabs Vintage Crewneck Mockup – The Only Sweater Mockup you’ll ever need

I worked together with Dutch photographer Nori Xhofleer (also known as Norigineel) on a series of thrifted clothing items to create these easy to use mockups for you.

If you own a streetwear brand and you want to see your ideas come to life quickly, this mockup is perfect for you. Adjust the colour with a simple double-click, drag-and-drop your design right in and instantly see a realistic version of your concept.

Why the Vintage Crewneck Mockup?

Simply because it’s the best one on the market. The pack comes with a front and back version, the colors can be changed instantly and you can drop in any design. Thanks to the guidelines, you can even work with patterns and all-over prints. This mockup is ideal for streetwear startups, merchandise ideas or simply if you want to experiment with putting your first graphic design work on a sweater.

The Vintage Crewneck Mockup in a nutshell:

  • Front and Back PSD Included
  • High Resolution (3000×3000 pixels)
  • Easily Adjustable Color
  • Design File with Guidelines
  • Transparent Background

Looking for a Discount?

We have more vintage mockups for sale on our website. If you buy all of them together, you’ll receive a bundle discount!

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