Vintage Longsleeve Mockup



The Dreadlabs Vintage Longsleeve Mockup: The best way to bring your streetwear brand to life!

Together with Dutch photographer Nori Xhofleer (also known as Norigineel) I collaborated on a series of mockups of vintage wear that we’ve thrifted. While she took the photos, I turned them into the most versatile mockups on the market.

Key features of the Vintage Longsleeve Mockup

Easy to use: Simply open the PSD file, drag and drop your design, change the color instantly and you’re ready to go! Even if you’re a beginner at graphic design or just starting out a streetwear brand on your own, this pack will help you to bring your designs to life without any complications.

A wide variety of options: Font and back, chest print or all over print, transparent background or not; these mockups come with a lot of different options. I understand that not every brand or every designer is the same, which is why I want to give you as many customization options as possible.

Applicable for any use: The mockups come in a high resolution, making them viable for product shots, social media use or anything else. Even printing. You know, if you want to make a print of your sick vintage longsleeve design.

In a nutshell:

  • Front and Back PSD Included
  • High Resolution (3000×3000 pixels)
  • Easily Adjustable Color
  • Design File with Guidelines
  • Transparent Background

Get inspired

During my Creatober Challenge of 2023, I used the Vintage Longsleeve Mockup when designing a Dreadlabs Racing jersey. Because of the easy to use guidelines in the Mockup, I was able to drop in my graphics on the exact spots of the sleeves, so that I had perfect control of where each and every graphic was placed. Check out the video here.

Too expensive?

We like to think this is the most affordable mockup on the market, surely we haven’t seen any Mockups of this quality for the same price. But of course that doesn’t mean that everyone can instantly afford this. And no worries! If you want to get this pack at a discount, you actually can. We’ve made more vintage mockups, and by getting the bundle you can get a bulk discount. Find the Vintage Mockup bundle here!

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