Vintage Mockup Bundle – 4 Mockups for the Price of 3

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The Best Vintage Clothing Mockup Bundle is here!

Together with Dutch Photographer Nori Xhofleer (also known as Norigineel) I went and thrifted the best vintage items out there. After she took the pictures I transformed them into the most customizable mockups on the market: the Dreadlabs Vintage Mockup Bundle. Simply change the colors of the garments, drag and drop in your designs of any color, place it anywhere on the garment with the easy guidelines and voila. This mockup bundle is ideal for graphic designers that want to showcase their designs on a mockup, just starting out your streetwear brand and you want to bring your ideas to life quickly, or simply want to propose merchandise concepts to your clients.

So what’s inside?

The Vintage Mockup Bundle contains 4 mockups for the price of 3: A Vintage T-Shirt, a Longsleeve, a Polo with inner shirt and a crewneck sweater.

What makes the Vintage Mockup Bundle so great?

Customization on customization:  The colors on the garments can be changed easily. Next to that, you can simply drag an drop in your design files, no matter what color you use. With the outline guide on each garment, it’s also easy to see where you’re placing your graphics. This way you can combine sleeve prints and chest prints, or use all over patterns on your design. This goes without saying, but all the pieces come with a transparent background too, so you can also go crazy on the background. Oh, and one more thing: The Inner Sleeves of the polo can even be toggled off. What’s more to customize?

Applicable for anything: With their high-resolution, these mockups can also be used on banners or high-resolution print documents. Nice to know when you want to show your client a printed proposal of their merchandise.

Insanely affordable: Compared to other mockups of similar quality, the price of these mockups individually are already really low. Combine it with a bundle discount and you get a mockup bundle you won’t find anywhere else for this price.

Hold on, what are mockups in the first place?

Mockups, or mock-ups are files that are usually made for Adobe Photoshop. These files contain photographs of something realistic, in this case clothing. The file has been pre-made so that you can change elements in the file to suit your needs. Usually this means you can drop in your own design work, and it will instantly look like you design has been printed on the clothes.

In a nutshell:

  • Customizable Color
  • Place your designs anywhere on the garments
  • High Resolution (3000×3000 pixels)
  • Transparent Background
  • Toggleable Guide so you know where you place your graphics
  • Each Mockup comes with a front and back file
  • Inner sleeve of the Polo can be toggled off

In need of an inspiration session?

No need to lock any further. I’ve used the Vintage Mockup bundle a lot of times on my YouTube channel already. Some of my favorite moments are when I designed an Acid Racing Jersey with the Longsleeve Mockup and when I designed a vintage bootleg rap t-shirt of my favorite hip-hop artist Childish Gambino. The latter video will also explain to you how the mockup file works, and how easy it is to use.

So what will I download exactly?

Once purchased, the Vintage Mockup Bundle gives you access to the following downloads:

  • A PSD File of a Vintage T-Shirt (Front)
  • A PSD File of a Vintage T-Shirt (Back)
  • A PSD File of a Vintage Longsleeve (Front)
  • A PSD File of a Vintage Longsleeve (Back)
  • A PSD File of a Vintage Polo (Front)
  • A PSD File of a Vintage Polo (Back)
  • A PSD File of a Vintage Crewneck Sweater (Front)
  • A PSD File of a Vintage Crewneck Sweater (Back)

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to showcase your design work onto vintage streetwear clothing, look no further because you’ve found the most affordable and customizable mockups out there. If you’re not interested in the vintage mockup bundle and you want to get the files separately, you can also shop our mockups individually here.

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