Vintage Polo Mockup



Introducing The Dreadlabs Vintage Polo Mockup: One of the easiest to use, versatile mockups on the market.

This Adobe Photoshop Mockup is made in collaboration with Dutch photographer Nori Xhofleer, also known as Norigineel. We collaborated on a series of thrifted Vintage Clothing and decided to make mockups of them.

The easiest, most versatily.

Simply change the color of the mockups with one click, change your design while being able to see where you’re placing your design, and toggle the inner sleeves on or off. The Mockup also comes with a front- and back version, so displaying your next great idea onto a polo is done in seconds using the Vintage Polo Mockup from Dreadlabs.

What’s inside?

2 PSD Files for the mockup, one front, one back.

The Vintage Polo Mockup in a Nutshell:

  • Easily Drag and Drop your designs of any color
  • Simply Adjust the colors inside the main Mockup File
  • The Mockups Come with a Transparent Background
  • Extremely High Resolution (Over 3000×3000 Pixels)
  • Toggleable Inner Sleeves
  • Front and Back file available

Looking for a Discount?

We have 3 more vintage mockups available on our website, but if you buy all of them together and you’ll get a discount. Check out the Vintage Mockup Bundle here.

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