XK-Ethereal 2



Successor to XK-Ethereal-1, XK-Ethereal 2 is Xuveki’s latest asset package. It contains 218 4k abstract jpegs, 46 displacement maps, 50 gradient maps. Experiment to your heart’s content with these dreamy images. Ideal for Y2K art.

Some of the things you can do with Ethereal-2:

  • Use the abstract images for backgrounds, textures, blending, and dynamic color grading.
  • Use the displacement maps for intense and unique distortion effects for text, images, or any object you want to destroy and warp.
  • Use the gradient maps to turn compositions into ethereal washes. Maps range from light and airy to intense and saturated.

What’s Inside:

  • 218 JPGs (images)
  • 46 PSDs (displacement maps)
  • 1 GRD file (50 gradient maps)
  • Example images of all the displacement maps and some gradient maps
  • Instructions on how to install gradient maps and use the displacement maps
  • Commercial license

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