XKANZ is a futuristic, robotic, variable display font geared towards cyberpunk poster text, cover text, and futuristic UI. It can easily shine as both as header and body.

Wide glyphs, high weight and corner contrast, and “connectors” that bridge the gap between the stems, it’s this mix of elements that give XKANZ its unique look.

What’s Included:

The purchase includes two static styles, regular and oblique, and a variable font file with a interpolatable 0-12 degree slant axis.

  • 2 static OTF files.
  • 2 static TTF files.
  • 1 variable TTF file.
  • Extensive multilingual support covering most latin characters.
  • 4 stylistic sets that include alternates for the D, I, R, and E glyphs, along with symbol/punctuation alternates such as the parenthesis, brackets, and more.

Possible updates include condensed versions. The updates will be free and available to everyone who has already purchases XKANZ.
Commercial license.

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