Late 2020, Tom from Dreadlabs did a Worldbuilding session together with the Dreadlabs community. During this livestream we made up the fictional story world of the  Dreadlabs Universe.

The reason we made it is to use it for creative prompts. For example, we’re creating a clothing line inspired by various happenings in this fictional universe. Other than that it is the main subject of the Dreadlabs contests, visuals in tutorials and more.

If you want to watch the above mentioned worldbuilding session, you can view that by clicking here.

The Dreadlabs Universe

The fictional universe of Dreadlabs takes place in the year 3050. Mankind has set for the stars and started populating the Andromeda System, which is a Galaxy close to the Milky Way. In this Galaxy there are multiple planets. What we’ve developed takes place on a planet called Contra. The planet is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 80% of its surface consists of uninhabitable deserts due to the gas that pollutes the air. All people started populating giant cities called Citadels. The polluted gas doesn’t occur in these cities.

The gas is dangerous because it triggers the brain to feel depressive feelings to the point of madness. The deserts are inhabited by mutated people and animals that have been exposed to the gas for too long.

There are also a couple of bunkers that spread out through the desert. These are called the Dreadlabs. Scientists have locked themselves inside these mysterious bunkers to research the effects of the gas. So far, they have come up with a temporary antidote for the effects of the gas.

During the production of the antidote a by-product is released. This by-product gets used as drugs in giant raves in the Citadels. People call them “Cloud Tears”. When ingesting Cloud Tears, you either get extremely euphoric for a short time, or severely depressed for a short while. 

The Citadels have enough resources to live life in a normal way, but there is a lot of criminality. That’s why rave parties offer a lot of solace for the inhabitants, it’s the only thing that people can do that still brings them a lot of joy.

In the spaces where these raves are being held there’s a low gravity that enables visitors to stand on all surfaces in the room. People are raving on the ground, walls and ceiling. The DJ’s are in a mech suit that gets installed into the sound system in the venue. From the mech suit DJ’s can play records and even synthesizers. They’re basically a mobile studio. The Cybernetic Sound Units, as they are called, are developed by a company called Orion Industries.