What is dreadlabs?

Dreadlabs is a creative hub that generally revolves around graphic design, fashion, music and more. It is a mostly online community that consists of a YouTube Channel, Website / Webshop, Instagram Pages and a Discord Server.

If you’re a graphic designer, music producer, someone who has their own clothing brand or anything related to creativity, dreadlabs is the community for you. Dreadlabs offers tutorials, guides and tools for you to become better at what you love doing. 

If you’re new and don’t know how to start your creative career, feel free to join our discord community to meet other creatives. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. In the end we’ve all been there and that’s why we started this community. We hope you enjoy your stay, make new friends and flourish as a creator!

We also have an office space in Tilburg, the netherlands from where we create videos, our asset packs and more. 

Every once in a while we host an open office session where everyone is welcome to join us for some drinks.

The goal of these sessions is to meet up with like-minded creatives and have a good time. There’s an open DJ booth, some free prints to take home, you can get a t-shirt and have it screen printed live and much more. So if you’re interested, be sure to come over and have a drink!



  • Meet other creatives
  • Follow workshops
  • Listen to talks and Q&A’s
  • Shop clothing, prints and more merchandise


Saturday may 6TH 2023 – 14.00 CET